Safe Schools

Editor: Prof IJ Oosthuizen Co-Authors: Dr E de Waal Mrs A de Wet Prof...
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The essentiality of order in the school can hardly be over-emphasised. Order in the teaching-learning environment is to be regarded as an indispensable condition for effective learning. It is commonly known that if staff and students don’t feel safe, education takes a back seat. This monograph offers chapters on understanding the elements of an unsafe school environment, learner rights pertaining to school safety, the educator’s duty of care, safety in school sport, and the educators rights pertaining to school safety. Key issues addressed in these chapters consist of: Bullying, Physical assault, Murder, HIV/AIDS, Learner rights, Educator’s rights and Legislation enc. It is of the utmost importance that the school environment will be safe and free for learners as well as educators, in the case for quality education to prevail.

Prof IJ Oosthuizen

Dr E de Waal
Mrs A de Wet
Prof JP Rossouw
Mrs A van Huyssteen


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