Public School Governance in South Africa

Authors: Prof Rika Joubert en Prof Elmene Bray ISBN: 0-620-37203-6
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Product Description

The book consists of a compilation of topics by different authors, each chapter dealing with a specific topic or topics in public school governance. Because of the nature of public school management and governance, the lack of a clear distinction (at least in practice) between management and governance, and the interrelated and interdependent nature of management and governance functions, some overlap between topics and chapters is unavoidable. Nevertheless, in selecting the score of topics and chapters for this publication, the main objective was to cover some of the most important, and often problematic, areas of public school governance.

The book is not conceived as a textbook, and neither as a training manual. It attempts to balance purely legal content with purely educational text, but always with an emphasis on practical application in the day-to-day activities of the school. In this context the aim is to give the reader more knowledge of and insight into specific and selected topics of public school governance – the theoretical legal and educational framework and application in the school situation. This publication is therefore aimed at a diverse audience, specifically the public school community. Persons involved in the governance of the school, particularly parents, principals and educators, learners (in secondary schools) and all other persons interested in the welfare of the public school and its proper running, should find some benefit in reading this book.

Prof Rika Joubert en Prof Elmene Bray


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