Human Rights in Education

Authors: W Bray ISBN: 0-620-25163-8
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Product Description

For many years South Africa had been rejected nationally and internationally for its gross violation of human rights, its inequality laws and discriminatory policies. One of the areas hardest hit by the harsh apartheid system is education. The need for the creation of a human rights culture in education in South Africa is therefore obvious and education is also universally acknowledged as the basis for the cultivation of respect for human rights. In this study the focus is on the significance and the application of human rights in the field of education. Through the study of this monograph there will be chapters focusing on the following issues: The constitutional context and fundamental human rights; What is protected by the Bill of Rights; The interpretation and application of the Bill of Rights; Limitations of fundamental rights; Enforcement of the Bill of Rights; Specific fundamental rights discussed. Educators will have a key role in fostering human rights and their personal conduct and example will be as important as their teaching.

W Bray


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