Administration of the Education System and School Governance

Authors: EH Davies ISBN: 0-620-25164-6
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The administration of the education system does not take place in a vacuum, and in order to grasp the nature of the administration of the education system in South Africa, it is important to be aware of the provisions which relates to the way in which our country is politically structured, as well as of the main principles which underpin public administration in this country.

In this monograph you will be acquainted with general issues relating to public administration in South Africa within the context of the South African constitutional dispensation; Insights into the manner in which some of the general principles of public administration are applied in the education context in the national sphere; Some of the most common administrative and administrative support functions carried out by provincial education departments; Key issues related to the governance and administration of education at the institutional level.

The South African educational system is administrated in three principal spheres – The National, Provincial and local sphere. Furthermore it is important to understand which sphere is vested with original power and which sphere with derived powers, which this study differentiates clearly.

EH Davies


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